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Downtown Charleston
6 North Market Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Queology inside HonkyTonk Saloon
192 College Park Road
Ladson, SC 29456
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What is Queology?

We know our barbecue so well we invented a new word for it: Queology, the study of meat cooked low and slow until it falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. Our pitmasters Russ and Matt use an time-tested secret blend of herbs and spices to season their pork and chicken, honed to perfection over the last twenty-five years serving satisfied diners from all over the world. They're regulars on the barbecue competition circuit, and have won countless awards for their pulled pork, chicken wings, and all-American sides that are sure to please. Whether you prefer Kansas City-style sauce, the sweetness that makes Memphis famous, or local favorite Orangeburg mustard, we've got a style you're sure to love. With a full bar stocked with ice cold local beers, it's a great place to enjoy lunch, watch the game, or take a break from an afternoon on the Market. Come down to 32 Market Street and let us serve you the best barbecue in the Lowcountry.

Our Process

Our Process

Slow and easy wins the race. That is our motto for cooking our world famous barbecue. Our pitmaster is dedicated to serving the best barbecue in Charleston. Like they say, if you are in a hurry in the south, you are in the wrong place.

Our Service

Our Service

When you walk in the doors at 6 North Market Street, you are greated with smiling faces and the distinct smell of our barbecue. We are dedicated to providing prompt service with our famous "southern charm". You can rest assured, you will not leave Queology hungry or dissatisfied.

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